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Worship – 9 am on Sunday
We are open for in-person Worship Services in our Sanctuary! 

We also offer our livestream service that is also posted to our website, YouTube and on Facebook. You can view all our online services here.

Please join us! Worship includes a children’s message and great music. Children’s Sunday school, Youth, and Adult Sunday school are also meeting online and in-person. 

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Children’s, Youth, and Adult Sunday School also meet on Sundays during the school year.


July 24 – Nearing the Ends of the Earth

Paul heads to Athens after folks begin stirring up crowds against him in other towns, and is invited to speak to curious crowds in the marketplace. He connects their worship of many gods to worship of the one “unknown” god, and tells them of God and Jesus, who was raised from the dead. Many are turned off, but some are still curious, and a few join Paul and become believers. How might you craft your witness to Christ, knowing that many may not be interested, some might be curious, and a few may want to know more…? Sometimes we don’t know how to be true to our faith without diminishing others so to be polite, we suggest all religions are the same, but while there are many valid religions, ours is unique, powerful and worth sharing, not watering down.

July 31 – Expect Resistance

Business leaders in Ephesus stir up crowds to riot, believing that Paul and Christians are undermining their religion, their economy, and soon their peaceful politics. Paul is kept from speaking, and Alexander tries to speak to no avail. The village clerk warns the crowd that Rome could end their riot, or they could go home and settle any business in courts. Paul leaves after encouraging the believers. How might we encourage believers today, who struggle to have faith, and to live out their faith in a culture that doesn’t care and doesn’t want to listen…? What does our counterculture offer that might help people choose Jesus’ way over no way?