Global UM News (Not in the News)

So much of the recent news about United Methodists is about a denominational church split over human sexuality. I am saddened that our denomination is becoming more known for its infighting and division than our shared global mission of making and nurturing disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 

Two really important global news stories of the global success of our shared mission failed to make headlines. One about supporting relief efforts to the Ukraine crisis and another on our denomination’s commitment to becoming a net-zero denomination by 2050. 

UMCOR and the Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church have mobilized resources in unprecedented ways to support the people of Ukraine. Besides directing funds and supporting our mission partners in the crisis. We’ve even started a new collaboration with shipping partners to move nearly a million dollars of medical equipment and supplies to three hospitals in Kyiv. You can read more about this specific story here and our denomination’s current response here or donate to UMCOR through UMCG by visiting our secure donation page

A really powerful story about how our denomination is living into its commitment to become a net-zero carbon emissions denomination in manners that are just globally highlighting not just cost-saving green initiatives, but systemic transformation that seeks justice for all people while also caring for the planet. This article from last month can be found here. 

There is even a Northern Illinois Renewable Energy Summit coming up this fall

I have long held the belief that the forces and powers of evil are threatened by United Methodism’s calling to focus on the needs of transforming the world with God’s love through mission and outreach and so have stirred up the hearts of too many to sow division on non-essential matter instead of uniting in essential mission of addressing the real human suffering and its causes in the world. These two stories are just a glimpse at what I fear those evil forces are trying to diminish and destroy.

I pray that such forces of evil will be rejected and resisted at UMCG. I pray that we can be honest and open about our differences while loving with each other in the grace of God because we are firmly united in that which matters most: the love of Jesus Christ that transforms our lives and the world as we embody the prayer that all Christians share: “Thy kingdom may come and Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”