How to see all the people…

Friends, it has been a good season to reflect with Jesus and our congregation about how we can “see” all the people of our families, communities, and world, with Jesus’ eyes and heart. How can we continue to cultivate his compassionate, generous, and forgiving regard for others, as we pass by and meet folks and hear of folks each day?

Maybe it’s a second look, after a passing glance. Maybe it’s a count to 10 to think of what Jesus might say or do, for someone we usually over-look (or look over).  Maybe it’s a time in prayer to consider creative ways we can engage with our more difficult friends or family who are on “the other side” from us in various matters. Centering our sight on what REALLY matters – how to convey our love and care for the hearts and welfare of each person, all of whom are made in the image of God and beloved by God– may help us to work around the “touchy” patches that are probably NOT what really matters.

As we move into fall, and still have to find work-arounds to keep everyone safe from COVID-19, let us MAKE time, to think more deeply about how we can express our love and care for one another, and not only truly SEE all the people, but also deeply HEAR the concerns and needs of all people – especially those who are living on the edge of poverty, on the edge of neglect, on the edge of anxiety, on the edge of terminal or serious illness… Let us not only SEE them with Jesus’ insight and compassion, but let us LISTEN to them deeply, as Jesus would, to be able to reach out to help, and to welcome them, within our circles of care in our congregation. This is the ministry Jesus calls us to, and that we see him model for us. SEE the sick, the poor, the children, the outcast, the people cast out to the margins of society, and then HEAR their pain and concerns, then HELP them, and then WELCOME them in to God’s family of love and care. 

Who are those on the fringe of our TriCities? Where do we see them? When can we listen to them? How can we help them? And who among us will welcome them?

Our new church flyer prepared by Carolyn, our Communications Director, lists on the back the many ways that our folks help those in need in the community.  Let’s go the second mile now, to invite them to join us for worship! Over the past year and a half, we have spent more time in our neighborhoods as we have sheltered in place. How might we reach out creatively to the children, the youth, the parents, the singles in our neighborhoods to care for their needs for support, encouragement, meals, rides, and then invite them to church with us, to learn about Jesus and God’s love, the Holy Spirit at work in our world?

Jesus invites us to go out and meet people, to show and tell them of God’s love, and to welcome them into ours and God’s circles of care.

May this fall, and especially as we move into the holidays (HallowThankMas!) be a time where we SEE all the people, INVITE them to join our groups, classes, music events, mission efforts, and WELCOME them home to God’s family with us.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Lisa