How to Witness to Your Faith

In case you missed it, this past Sunday was Confirmation Sunday. We had the joy of 11 students from three different Confirmation classes making a profession of their Christian faith and how they plan to live out their faith through the life of the United Methodist Church of Geneva. The collection of these student witnesses is truly inspiring.

Seriously, if you missed it, I strongly recommend you spend even just a few minutes watching and receiving their testimonies. You can click here to watch their collective witness on our YouTube channel.  

My pastoral experience tells me those reading this blog, might struggle to be able to give a similar testimony, if pressed. I don’t mean that you’d have nothing to say about your faith, but would you know where to start? Would you be able to give specific personal examples of your belief and faith in action? If you aren’t so sure, Pastor Lisa and I want to share with our blog readers the same kind of prompts we did with the students and invite you to craft your own testimony to witness to your faith. If you really want to take us up on this exercise you can draft a minimum one-page essay and share it with us, like the students did for these videos.

Here are some questions to help guide your testimony and help you witness to your faith:

  1.  Why is Jesus Christ important to you?
    • How does Jesus help you to know God’s care for you in your everyday life?
    • Do you experience Jesus as your friend, offering support?
    • Do you feel he listens to and cares about your prayer joys and concerns?
    • How do his teachings help you to be a better person:  more forgiving, more helpful to others, more patient, more loving, more honest, more welcoming?
    • Does his forgiveness of you help you to be more forgiving of others? 
    • How do his crucifixion and resurrection help you to be more hopeful through struggles and new beginnings in your life?
    • How does Jesus’ vision for God’s kingdom help you to feel energized and hopeful about engaging in activities to promote peace and justice in our world today?
  2. Why is church important to you?
    • How does the congregation provide important support, comfort, or other care for you (and others)? 
    • How do worship, studies and prayer with the congregation help you to draw closer to God? 
    • How do the mission and service projects, and the outreach ministries help you to draw closer to neighbors, near and far?
    • How do the various worship, mission and support ministries help you to use and grow your gifts and leadership for God and community?
  3. Given the importance of Jesus Christ and Church to you, what commitments are you willing to make to Jesus and the church? (This is where you might also name what ministry you would like to be commissioned to serve).
    • How will you continue to grow in your relationship with Jesus?
      Will you read the Bible, especially the Gospels, to meet him there?
      Will you serve with him, in the church and world?
      Will you reject evil, resist temptations, and accept him as your Lord?
    • How will you grow in your relationship with Christ and community through the Church?
      In what ministries and missions will you offer your gifts and leadership?

Spending time prayerfully considering and organizing your responses to these prompts can empower us to give a testimony and live faithfully into the command from 1 Peter 3:15 “Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an account of the hope that is in you.” If you end up writing something and want to share it, I’d gladly receive it via email: