This Lent we will hone the five core practices of the Christian faith to improve your relationship with God and to help you love your neighbor as yourself. By learning both daily individual and corporate practices of worship & prayer, study, service, giving and sharing, we ground ourselves in the same practices Jesus used in his daily walk with God.

Take a look at the Calendar that we prepared for Lent this year. You can also download the file here.

Prayers for Haiti

Prayer for Grace Children’s Hospital

Dear God, the healer of our every ill. As we now pray for Grace Children’s Hospital, we plead for the:

  • Safety for staff members and strength to continue their work.
  • Healing for patients.
  • Sufficient medical supplies for patients.
  • Political stability and softening of hearts of gang members.

Hear our prayer, O Lord, as we remember the people of Haiti. Let us be found as those who welcome and care for all children as we have seen in your Son Jesus Christ, especially in our partnership with Grace Children’s Hospital. Amen.

Prayer for Rebuilding Haiti Now

Dear God, our help in ages past and our hope for years to come, today I join my friends in Christ in prayer for the people and ministry of Rebuilding Haiti Now. I humbly ask that you:

  • Provide security on the roads so supplies can get through.
  • Supply funding for RHN school reconstruction.
  • Give protection for children from kidnappers.
  • Bless those homeless after the most recent earthquake with shelter.
  • Rally the means for RHN’s to build their next (and 11th) school.

Hear our prayer, O Lord, as we remember the people of Haiti. Add to these thoughts and prayers, a faith that dares to respond as you call. Amen.

Prayer for Kids Alive Haiti

Dear God, listen to your children praying for the people and ministry of Kids Alive this day. We would specifically ask for:

  • Peace and protection for children, families, and staff members.
  • Additional sponsors so more children can receive care, protection, and education.
  • Guidance and energy for the teachers of Kids Alive.
  • Good health for children and staff.
  • Adequate medical supplies to serve the children.

Hear our prayer, O Lord, as we remember the people of Haiti. May our prayers become embodied words for the sake of the precious children under the care of Kids Alive. Amen.