The Moving Forward Summit launches today from 6-9pm in Fellowship Hall. It’s not too late to participate. As you’ve heard, everyone is invited to the Friday evening event. On Saturday, the Moving Forward Team, Church Council, Pastors, and Staff will be digesting that which we create on Friday. At the Summit, we will be working with Ministry Architects to state our values as a congregation, clarify our purpose and set our near-term goals with interactive, consensus building groups.

AGAIN, ITS NOT TOO LATE TO ATTEND! Your voice is welcome and needed. There is even food to fill you up before heading out to Festival of the Vine.

If you can’t be there, your fellow UMCG leaders certainly need prayer! I want to offer this short, direct prayer and invite everyone to pray it at the top of every waking hour on Friday and Saturday:


Thank you for the gift of my church! I am so blessed by my UMCG family, and I want others to share in this blessing. Please watch over the participants, pastors, and leaders. Fill our consultants Mike and MerLynne with the Holy Spirit so that together, God’s will may be done and break-through UMCG on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

As you may have heard in my #hotsummer recap video last week, the Moving Forward Summit is only one part in the recent activity God is doing through UMCG! God is not finished with us yet! I suspect God is just getting started with a whole new beginning.

See you Friday!

PS – I am also really excited about the new 5-week series launching Sunday, “Still Haven’t Found What We’re Looking For.”  This series explores how so many of us want to feel good about ourselves and will do whatever it takes to have that feeling. We “try on” countless filters for our personalities to win the approval of others. We will try everything marketed to us to make us feel like we are enough. We exaggerate our hardships to justify ourselves. If we are honest, no matter how hard we try, none of it is enough. So, we struggle to find true, lasting happiness and as it turns out we still haven’t found what it is we are looking for. One of the overarching themes of the Bible is this pursuit of happiness, meaning and acceptance. Join me as we explore how we can never be busy enough, work hard enough, do enough self-care, or add enough technology to our lives to make us feel good — and what the Bible says about lasting happiness, meaning and acceptance.