Pastor Rob spent $100 on energy drinks and something amazing happened. 

“God loves us, so we can love others. God gives us gifts, so we can serve others. God is generous to us, so we can be generous to others. When we love each other, the world knows the love of God. Generosity is an expression of the love of God. It’s one of the fruits of the Spirit.” – SukYoung Kim

Early this summer, Meghan and I were out for one of our early morning walks and felt inspired to be generous and loving to our largest neighbor in the neighborhood: Geneva High School. If you don’t know, the church provides a parsonage (a home for the pastor) and ours is four doors down from Geneva High School. We get plenty of foot traffic by our house before and after school. 

We felt called to offer free refreshment to students during spirit week and finals week. So, we contacted the Youth Council with our idea and together with Pastor Lisa, we got a sign made, bought a bunch of snacks and drinks, set them out and invited students to enjoy. 

Over the course of one morning and two afternoons as students walked past the house, we shared snacks with a generous spirit of love to over 100 students! At first some kids couldn’t believe that we would give stuff away and apologized for not having any money. But like God’s love, there is nothing to buy and earn, it’s free! And so, we welcomed more and more students over. Some were skeptical; all smiled; and most said thank you. 

We had a neighbor stop by to tell us how impressed that we would offer something so nice for students and Principal Rogers drove by and had to circle the block to share how enthused he was that we’d join in the fun of spirit week and be so generous with the students. 

That’s the power of God’s generous love. It’s so contagious and awesome and free it is almost unbelievable. It makes you smile and say thank you.

Who would have thought that energy drinks and snacks would be a way to share God’s love!?!

Finals week is December 20-22. I plan to be back out there even if it’s the second busiest week of a pastor’s life and snowing. Maybe you’ve read this and been inspired to join me that week. Or maybe this story and our September series on seeing people has had God help you see an opportunity to bless others with a simple act of generosity. If so, that just warms my heart and I’d love to hear about it. 

In gratitude for God’s abundance,