Each Wednesday and Friday at 12 p.m. we post a new Devotional Message to our Facebook Page. Each week we share these messages here as well.

Devotional for June 11, 2021
Pastor Lisa Telomen’s Devotional: God’s kingdom or ours?!
Devotional for June 9, 2021
Have you ever thought you knew someone and later found you didn’t? Join Mary Gay McKinney, our Coordinator of Congregational Care, for surprising alternatives.
Devotional for June 4, 2021
Pastor Lisa Telomen asks “How do we belong?!
Devotional for June 2, 2021
What does Mare’s deacon have to do with our Pastor Rich, or her Easttown church to do with our United Methodist Church of Geneva. Goodbyes are hard. How will we carry on? Join Mary Gay McKinney, our Coordinator of Congregational Care in pondering these questions.
Devotional for May 28, 2021
In Pastor Rich’s Devotional he discusses expressing gratitude for others who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us.
Devotional for May 26, 2021
We all love a good story whether telling or listening. Sometimes a friend or family member tells it differently. Why would Jesus change up an old story? Join Mary Gay McKinney, our Coordinator of Congregational Care for Jesus’ twist on an old tale ~giving!
Devotional for May 21, 2021
Pastor Lisa: “The Spirit just keeps on giving!
Devotional for May 19, 2021
Confessing that she’s watched more than enough TV over the past two months, Coordinator of Congregational Care Mary Gay McKinney cautions about taking in misinformation, or allowing too much focus on the occult.
Devotional for May 14, 2021
Pastor Lisa: The gift of your ministry and your power!
Devotional for May 12, 2021
As we consider and observe, even celebrate our Lord’s Ascension, what difference can it make in our lives? Our Coordinator of Congregational Care, Mary Gay McKinney, shares what it means to her.
Devotional for May 7, 2021
Pastor Rich talks about Anything and Everything
Devotional for May 5, 2021
Do you sometimes feel you have been showered with too many challenges, obstacles? Join Mary Gay as she ponders a verse a dear friend shared with her about blessings all mixed in with troubles.
Devotional for April 30, 2021
Pastor Lisa’s Devotional: Resting with God!
Devotional for April 28, 2021
We often share or request a recipe from a friend or neighbor or family member. What about our recipes for life, that carry us through challenging times? Join Mary Gay McKinney, our Coordinator of Congregational Care as she invites us to share spiritual recipes for our daily bread.
Devotional for April 23, 2021
Pastor Rich asks “What is the Good Life?”

Devotional for April 21, 2021
Join Mary Gay McKinney our coordinator of congregational care as she ponders what it means to have a second home What is the location of your primary residence, and what might this have to do with Jesus?