She gave me the best gift!

One of our little seven-year-olds worked her way through the crowd of adults in Fellowship Hall last Sunday to give me a gift. She even pushed big, Bill Johnson out of the way to get to me. The gift she gave is the drawing she made in church, but she gave me (and now I share it with you) so much more!

I crouched down to receive the drawing and asked her to tell me about it. She told me about the north star and the angels that were there the night Jesus was born. Same with the sheep and donkey (I mistakenly thought it was a giraffe) who were there, too. I asked about the person in the drawing. I learned it was Mary. I asked if Mary was crying and I matter-of-factly learned that of course Mary was crying because Jesus had died on the cross. The young artist then explained how Mary was not alone when she was sad and that on Easter she would be glad.

This seven-year-old not only shared with me the comfort of this series on death, but the gospel message! I was touched to say the least and I now proudly display this gift in my office. But our little artist gave me more than a drawing; she gave me the assurance of how we are raising our children in Sunday School and how her parents are empowered to teach their kids at home. I am so proud of our church, our staff and the many volunteers who help in our Sunday School and kids programing because this little girl (and I’m sure many others) know the hope and story of our faith.

I went home Sunday afternoon and read many wonderful notes of appreciation for Pastor Appreciation Month. With this gift I was filled to overflowing. I had to share this gift with you, church, because we did this together. This drawing and story is our gift. A gift we have received in Jesus and have successfully handed on to another.  Thank you for one of the best gifts a pastor could ask for!