Not long ago I was talking with Sharon Anderson about the Swedish Days Booth that my husband Steve, Jim McConnell, and Lorne Tweed are heading up this June. I mentioned all the hard work that goes into this enterprise, but also the fun that we’ve always had while handing out meatballs, hot dogs, or Swedish sausage, chatting with church friends, or calling out greetings to friends and strangers passing by the booth. This reminded Sharon of her first encounter with the booth several years ago. It’s worth sharing so here goes…

Sharon Anderson moved to Geneva 15 years ago, arriving the week of Swedish Days, and knowing no one. Having heard about Swedish Days, she decided to take a walk into town to see what it was all about. She ventured first to a booth headed up by our friends of a different denomination, (their identity will be withheld to protect the innocent!) The food there was fine, but the response to her as a newcomer was mediocre. Proceeding on, Sharon wound up at our booth. Here the food was good, but the response to her as a newcomer was so warm and welcoming that she decided on the spot to come to UMCG to worship the next Sunday. Well friends, you know the rest of the story. Sharon and Chris became loyal, hard-working members who now work hard to welcome others into our fold. Might this pattern repeat itself this June? Might there by others who are brought in by our meatballs and then continually nourished by the Holy Spirit residing at 211 Hamilton Street?

Thanks to all of you who have signed up to work at the booth so far. But if you haven’t, I’d suggest joining the team to spread “the power of the meatball.”

Nancie Lillie

Here’s how to sign up to volunteer at our Swedish Days Booth

You can sign up at online at or at the Swedish Days information table in the Fellowship Hall after the services on 12 and 19, or by contacting Steve Lillie, Jim McConnell, or Lorne Tweed.  

The following Day Captains will be in charge of the booth per the following schedule:

1. Wednesday–Steve Lillie, Jim McConnell, and Bob Weick

2. Thursday–Kei Narimatsu and Lorne and Nancy Tweed

3. Friday–Keith Bowgren and John and Mardel McNally

4. Saturday–Bill and Helen Johnson

5. Sunday–Keith Rawson and Dave Werman