At the United Methodist Church of Geneva (UMCG) we believe that Jesus calls us to boldly love and accept people for who they are without judgment.

We follow the example of Jesus by inviting, welcoming, and affirming the participation of every person in all of the ministries, sacraments, rituals, rites, and leadership roles of the United Methodist Church of Geneva.

To be clear, we mean not just those in the majority but also those who are undervalued in society and those who identify outside the majority including but not limited to: BIPOC, women, people with disabilities, and LGBTQIA+ persons.

We apply this calling in the following ways: all are invited, welcomed and affirmed to join our church, to be baptized, have their children baptized, receive and serve communion, volunteer to serve, work with our kids, lead small groups, go through marriage preparation and be married in our sanctuary by our pastor, serve on our boards and committees, preach, work on our staff and participate in every other activity that occurs in the life of the United Methodist Church of Geneva.

At UMCG, we strive to respect everyone’s faith journey as we form a community together of diverse individuals who illuminate our community with God’s grace as we lovingly accept, listen to, and serve all in the Spirit of Jesus.