As United Methodists we are called to be stewards of our earth.

“A relationship with God’s creation and a ministry for caring for and healing the earth are integral to what it means to be a United Methodist. We believe that all of creation is God’s, and that we are responsible for the ways in which we use and abuse it. Our natural world is to be valued and conserved because God has called humanity to be its caretakers.”

UnITED METHODIST CHURCH (social principles 160)

The Creation Care Team at UMC of Geneva was formed in 2015 by a group of concerned members who regularly volunteered for the Third Tuesday Suppers. With the support of the TTS Team we focused on reducing the amount of single use plastic and Styrofoam used while serving the monthly dinners. The purchase of reusable drinking cups led to the collection of the used (clean) takeout Styrofoam containers returned by guests each month. This then led to the whole church Styrofoam collection that still is being implemented today.

In January 2021, the Creation Care Team officially became a recognized committee at UMCG with a seat at Church Council. We have an active committee with a variety of interests and strengths, with one common calling: to be good stewards of the Earth.

In June of 2021 Church Council passed the Environmental Policy proposed by the committee. We are continually working to become a more sustainable congregation.

Watch Pastor Rob’s video about what we have been doing at UMCG and read more about it further down this page.

Pastor Rob Hamilton talks about what UMC of Geneva is doing to Care for Creation

Installation of Geothermal Heating and Cooling System

Our heating and cooling systems needed to be replaced. We decided to the best decision for the environment and our church was to install a geothermal system. In July 2022 geothermal contractors started drilling multiple wells 500 feet deep on the West side of the building to hold the “loop” for the geothermal systems. In Spring 2023 heat pumps are being installed in the building to connect to the loop. The church will no longer be using natural gas to heat our spaces, we expect to save money on our energy bills and we are doing our part to combat climate change!

Earth Day Celebration

In April 2024 the Creation Care Team Celebrated Earth Day Sunday with a Creation Care themed worship service and an Earth Day Expo.

In April 2023 the Creation Care Team Celebrated Earth Day Sunday with a Creation Care themed worship service and an Earth Day Expo.

Waste Free Coffee Hour Began in 2021 (Outside!)

We compost our coffee grounds and purchased unbreakable dishes to help with the initiative.

We Participate in the Fox River Cleanup

We Support Gardens at Hesed House

In 2022 the team worked with Hesed House to plan, build and plant raised gardens for food and flowers that the residents will maintain.

Rummage Sales

The rummage sale itself diverts waste from landfills. We have taken extra efforts to keep unsold and unsellable items from landfills by recycling, finding places to reuse items inlcuding Animal shelter, SCARCE, Habitat for Humanity, utilizing the Kane County Recycling centers and more.

Recycling of items that can’t go in curbside recycling

It all started in 2015 when the Creation Care Team started collecting polystyrene that was used during our Third Tuesday Suppers. We now take recycling in our “Donation Station” for polystrene food containers, packaging foam, corks, crayons and bread tags.