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  • YOU get to pick Pastor Rob’s next sermon!

    YOU get to pick Pastor Rob’s next sermon!

    Normally, I write these blog posts hoping that readers will share 5-10 minutes to think, pray and/or act on a topic. Today, I am asking that, if you will still grant me the time, that you can help the Holy Spirit inspire future sermons and preaching series via workshop and prayer.  Through my daily Bible reading, regular prayer life, conversations with people and the needs of our church and community the Holy Spirit will inspire each sermon and upcoming series. This September I am going on a five-day prayer, planning, and writing retreat for the preaching and worship needs for this winter and all ofRead More →

  • Veni, Vidi, Vici

    Veni, Vidi, Vici

    This week we began our work of Moving Forward as a congregation with Ministry Architects as consultants Mike Crain and MerLynne Byrne were on-site for a Quick Start Summit.Read More →

  • Everything is On the Menu

    Everything is On the Menu

    eyond just believing in Jesus, we are called to behave like Jesus as we carry out the ministry he entrusts to us, in our daily lives, not just our Sunday mornings.  Notice that while Jesus regularly taught in a synagogue to interpret God’s presence and importance in the world in his day, he also taught and healed and ate and hung out with LOTS of people OUTSIDE of the synagogue. Read More →

  • A Garden of Faith and Hope

    A Garden of Faith and Hope

    At the beginning of this summer, a group from UMCG came to Hesed House with a vision – a vision of hope, to provide a REAL garden for residents and wow, did they deliver. Read More →

  • Make Sure You Talk About This at My Funeral

    Make Sure You Talk About This at My Funeral

    As we buckled up in our driveway to depart, I turned to the backseat and said with a humor that only makes sense in a household that works regularly with death and dying, “make sure you get a story out of this trip to tell at my funeral!” Read More →

  • Not a Fan of Culture Wars

    Not a Fan of Culture Wars

    It seems like the culture wars are continuing to heat up. SCOTUS rulings. Primaries. Outrage in every form of media. Death of migrants. In the culture wars we face today, there is real harm being done, often to those without the resources to insulate themselves from the worst effects of the culture wars ravaging our society.Read More →

  • Pride at the Park

    Pride at the Park

    FAMILY PRIDE AT THE PARK This week’s blog is from Sharon Anderson, who is one of our UMCG members who attended the Family Pride at the Park picnic with her husband Chris.  The picnic was catered by UMCG and three other Geneva congregations. Flames shooting up from the grill warmed the pavilion at Wheeler Park, taking the chill out of the unusually-cool June air.  The aroma of burgers and hot dogs, and the vast array of delightful dishes and desserts drew in people of all ages dressed in rainbow colors. Children of all ages blew bubbles, wrote messages of peace with colored chalk on the pavement, andRead More →