Another Earth Day, Earth weekend, Earth Week, Earth month…let us just make every day, all year long, earth days now:  there is so much to do, and so little time to turn around the devastating effects of climate change for all of us!  Each day we can find some way to think about and act for the healing of the earth!  What do you do? Read More →

Earth Day of Resurrection The Easter hymn – The Day of Resurrection, opens with the lyrics:  The day of resurrection!Earth, tell it out abroad;the passover of gladness,the passover of God.From death to life eternal,from earth unto the sky,our Christ hath brought us over,with hymns of victory.  Often that second stanza of ‘Earth, tell it out abroad’ is imagined to be humanity speaking the news of resurrection, but I think the line means all of creation – the whole Earth.   You see Christ’s resurrection on Easter is way more than this cultural belief that Jesus’s triumph over death means when we die, we are faced with pearly gates and streetsRead More →