Rule of Christ In Matthew 18, Jesus has this lovely saying that is often used when the warmth of fellowship and friendship is felt in a gathering. There is also a spin on this saying that goes “when two or three are gathered sooner or later there is bound to be conflict.”  Conflict is a natural part of life. Conflicts come most frequently when our flight, fight or freeze part of our brain is engaged by a perceived threat. This natural response is God’s gift to keep us safe. Not only does it keep us safe, but conflict can actually help strengthen our relationships when we dealRead More →

A Prayer for Labor Day Several years ago, Meghan and I wanted a short driving vacation to a place we’ve never been. We scheduled our trip for the long Labor Day weekend plus a few extra days and decided to head out to see Niagara Falls and Toronto. We figured Toronto would be quieter on the holiday than the Falls so we started our trip there. We were surprised to learn that Labour Day (as Canadians call it) is a big deal in Toronto. Turns out ” Labour Day has its roots in an 1872 printers’ strike in Toronto. Fighting for a nine-hour work day, the strikers’Read More →