UMCG has proclaimed our mission to be that “We illuminate our community with God’s grace as we lovingly accept, listen to, and serve all in the Spirit of Jesus.”

How can we live into this? I feel we must not neglect the internal work necessary to help clarify our path to spread God’s grace to our community while we welcome opportunities to listen respectfully to one another, accept others into our hearts and homes, and discern the others’ needs and meet them where they are. Read More →


Each time the holiday season rolls around, I start thinking about gift giving, and what I would like to give to family, friends, and the world for the holidays. There are lots of clever toys, lots of wonderful books, cookies and candy, clothing… I think about what people need, what they might want, and what helps to create better people and more blessing in the world.Read More →

The story is told of a pastor who, when he moved to a church, felt that each Sunday school class should have a Bible verse for a theme, a tagline we might call it today.  He found the classes, whether adult, youth or children, to be enthusiastic about this.  All found verses and displayed them under their class names except the crib nursery.Read More →

FAMILY PRIDE AT THE PARK This week’s blog is from Sharon Anderson, who is one of our UMCG members who attended the Family Pride at the Park picnic with her husband Chris.  The picnic was catered by UMCG and three other Geneva congregations. Flames shooting up from the grill warmed the pavilion at Wheeler Park, taking the chill out of the unusually-cool June air.  The aroma of burgers and hot dogs, and the vast array of delightful dishes and desserts drew in people of all ages dressed in rainbow colors. Children of all ages blew bubbles, wrote messages of peace with colored chalk on the pavement, andRead More →

THE MEATBALLS BROUGHT HER IN! Not long ago I was talking with Sharon Anderson about the Swedish Days Booth that my husband Steve, Jim McConnell, and Lorne Tweed are heading up this June. I mentioned all the hard work that goes into this enterprise, but also the fun that we’ve always had while handing out meatballs, hot dogs, or Swedish sausage, chatting with church friends, or calling out greetings to friends and strangers passing by the booth. This reminded Sharon of her first encounter with the booth several years ago. It’s worth sharing so here goes… Sharon Anderson moved to Geneva 15 years ago, arrivingRead More →